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Emmanuel Teillet – a French voice for your project

Emmanuel is the French voice of the network. Listen to his synchronised role as a small cartoon vampire, and you won’t believe that this is also the man with the serious-sounding voice in numerous audio guides. His versatile voice can be heard in commercials, teaching materials, radio plays and numerous synchronised roles for films and television series. Emmanuel is generally a man of many talents – alongside his speaking engagements, he has also been able to amass on-screen experience as a presenter and actor. Why not form your own impression? Listen in to the audio demos below....

DIESEL TECHNIC dynamic, young

Anesthésie sober, nautral

Le Traité 2+4 informative, narration

Cool Carver young, enthusiastic

Siemens Mechanical Drive warm, nautural

TV Serie wild, extroverted

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Emmanuel was born in Paris, and now divides his time between Paris and Berlin. He is a trained professional speaker who has been in the business for more than 10 years. Apart from his mother tongue French, he also speaks fluent German. He often gets booked to speak German and English roles with a French accent. As a translator and editor specialising in the arts, Emmanuel distinguishes himself with a keen sense of language and style. He has as wealth of experience in audio and film production, and has his own studio for speaking engagements and audio productions.