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Miguel-Turon-Stein – A Spanish voice for your project.

Voice profile: Tenor, personable, welcoming, convincing, dynamic, adaptable, authentic, age range 35 to 55

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Schloss Belvedere Audioguide



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Miguel is the Spanish voice of the network. His striking bass register means he is often booked to play the bad guy. But when he’s presenting sports bulletins or voicing adverts, his voice is engaging, positive and dynamic. Miguel can also be a master of subtlety, something revealed by some of his work on audio books, audio guides and documentary films. Convince yourself of his vocal versatility by listening to some of his audio samples.
Miguel comes from Barcelona, where he studied drama and art history. He’s been living in Berlin since 1999. Apart from his voicing engagements, he also works as a copywriter and translator. He is also available for voice engagements in Catalan. Miguel can produce his recordings in his own studio.