Voiceover artists with own top studio in Berlin

At the heart of this voice-over network are three voice-over artists - Steve Taylor from the UK, Emmanuel Teillet from France and Miguel Turón Stein from Spain - and their professional recording studio in the heart of Berlin. The network offers a diverse range of audio services and is linked up with other professional voice-overs from all over the world. It was established in 2006 and is growing all the time.

The three initiators of the network each have years of experience as professional voice-over artists. Most projects can be carried out in their own recording studio, but mobility is no problem and they’re also available via ISDN. Core elements of their work approach are versatility, flexibility and a perpetual drive to improve and enhance performance and services, as well as optimal concentration and care. Alongside their key skills as voice-overs, all three are very experienced in other disciplines such as direction, on-camera presentation, script editing and translation. In order to ensure that the studio recording equipment remains cutting edge, they work in close cooperation with professional audio technicians and sound designers.

The external VO network consists solely of professionals with whom the three founders of Voice Pool have a sound working relationship.